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Hi! Welcome to a GroveSite demonstration site!

This site demonstrates just one example of how an importer, manufacturer, or retailer can use GroveSite to streamline product development. In this example, the "Natural Living" company has product managers and sales force based in the US; their other designers and sourcing specialists are located in several locations in Asia. The company's staff can login to this secure site 24/7 and view and update the product development database. Products under development are shown by category: Accessories, Garden & Patio, and Seating. If this were your own account, not a demo, you would be able to customize these categories and identify the types of information you would like to track on each product.

Since this is a demo, (1) you are not required to login first, and (2) you do not see the easy [edit] or [update] links.

If you would like your own, interactive copy of this demo, just call GroveSite at 602-952-9880.
Meanwhile, enjoy your visit here

Welcome to Natural Living's secure online collaboration center for product development!

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This GroveSite will be our online collaboration center for coordinating product development work between staff at our US offices and our Asian offices.
You may upload product sketches, designs, photos and other images on these pages.   For each product, we will track its stage:   proposed, sampled, rejected or accepted.

Please note that each product row has a discussion/commenting area in which we can ask questions, answer questions, provide updates and even ATTACH ADDITIONAL FILES.   This will be especially helpful when we get to the cost/quote stage.

Please note when you visit the various PD Log pages that each page has a Summary and Expanded View.   For a quick scan of the assortment and how it is coming together, the Summary View is best.   For a look at more fields and for the discussion/comment postings, use the Expanded View of that page.

THANKS!   Let me know if you have any questions!
Becky, ext 4452

NOTE:  For the time being, we are NOT allowing our main vendor partners to login and propose other products or new collections to us.   We will be setting up a separate site for that in which each vendor has its own secure pages to propose new ideas and products.

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Here is a posting; I logged in through https://secure.grovesites.com

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