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The Arizona Telecommunications and Information Council (ATIC), the Telecommunications Infrastructure Subcommittee (TISC) of the Governor’s Council on Innovation and Technology (GCIT), the Community Information and Telecommunications Alliance, and the Arizona Consumer Council have been in discussions with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding federal support for telecom infrastructure initiatives in Arizona. While the FCC does not have funding, they have offerd to help coordinate and facilitate access to other federal departments.

ATIC has been awarded a contract from the Citizens Clean Elections Commission to facilitate, and webcast, the 2006 primary and general election debates for candidates for the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC).

The debates will be presented in front of a live audience, web cast real time, and later available for on-demand access from the ATIC Web Site following the debates. This will provide statewide access to the debates. FYI, we provided this service for the 2002 and 2004 ACC elections. Based upon our research we believe that in 2002 we were the first in the country to web cast a live statewide debate. It was certainly the first in Arizona.

While the Corporation Commission is little understood by the public, this powerful body will make important decisions that will impact your safety and quality of life, economic development, and the future of the state. The debates will cover all services under the jurisdiction of the ACC including: utilities regulation (gas, water, electric and telecommunications); incorporation of businesses and organizations and securities regulation; and railroad and pipeline safety.