Fall '09 Gift & Entertainment Program

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*** introducing the Global Exotic Collection ***

Hi! Welcome to a GroveSite demonstration site!

This site demonstrates just one example of how an importer, manufacturer, or retailer can use GroveSite to streamline product development. In this example, "Compass Designs" has developed its objectives and a style guide for a new "Global Exotic Collection." It has enrolled several vendors -- Pangaea, Simple Home, and Todds Gifts -- and invited each vendor to login, review the objectives and style guides, and then to upload proposed products for this collection. Each vendor has two secure pages which the other vendors do not see. Compass Designs staff can login to monitor the submissions and ask for samples and quotes of high-interest products. If this were your own account, not a demo, you would be able to customize the left-hand navigation and the submission/sample/quote information. Since this is a demo, (1) you are not required to login first, and (2) you do not see the easy [edit] or [update] links.

If you would like your own, interactive copy of this demo, just call GroveSite at 602-952-9880.

Welcome to our secure online center for Fall '09 Gifts & Entertainment product development

Picture Compass Designs larger image for home page

This site will help us coordinate product development for the accessories, tableware, textiles and other exciting offerings that are part of the Global Exotic Collection.

VENDORS: Please visit the Instructions and Timeline page for instructions regarding the NDA and how to submit it to us. You will also see the key milestones and dates for this program.

VENDORS: Please visit the Objectives and Style Guides page and download the documents and graphics there. This explains what we are looking for in this collection. You may then upload your proposed products, concepts, sketches and so forth on your secure 'Submissions' page.

Each vendor has a secure page or two on which to upload information and images, so rest assured that the designs and product information you upload will only reach us at Compass Designs, not other vendors.