IT Solutions has provided this site to encourage effective, secure communication between ABC Company's project team and IT Solutions' technical resources.

Plan to check the project site frequently. The site contents will be updated regularly by the IT Solutions team.

Project Information
This site will serve as a common repository for important project documents, project calendars, detailed plans, and meeting agendas. Programming notes, on-site reports, and technical write-ups will also be uploaded to this site.

Issues Tracking
IT Solutions recommends using this site to maintain the project issues log. It may also be appropriate to generate task lists from the site. The IT Solutions project manager will discuss these options with the firm's project team.

Ongoing Support
Following the project, this site will serve as an invaluable resource when IT Solutions is called upon to provide post-project support or help the firm plan future projects.

Getting Started
Please direct questions about the site and requests for help getting started to your project manager, at 602-555-1212, or click here to e-mail Sue Moderator at IT Solutions.