Hi! Welcome to a GroveSite demonstration site!

This site demonstrates just one example of how a dispersed sales team can use GroveSite's easy online collaboration tools and custom online databases to track and close sales opportunities. In this example, the sales team can login from anywhere, anytime, to view the Current Sales Opportunities page. They can update their opportunities row-by-row or using the Quick Edit link. In the Sales Support section of this site, the team is sharing documents online. Document management includes check-out / check-in and history tracking. If this were your own account, not a demo, you would be able to customize tt fields/columns you wish to track and specify drop-down lists, and set security.

Since this is a demo, (1) you are not required to login first, and (2) you do not see the easy [edit] or [update] links.

If you would like your own, interactive copy of this demo, just call GroveSite at 602-952-9880.
Meanwhile, enjoy your visit here

Welcome Sales Team -
This site is intended to help your team track and close sales opportunities.

It includes 'Sales Opportunity Tracking' - a GroveSite custom online database application.

Let's improve our close ratio. Please keep your information updated daily.

Also included is a document library for standard contract forms, as well as 'starter' text for emails to clients.