Arizona Technology Industries

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Arizona Scientists and Innovators
At the Cutting Edge of Science and Technology
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Arizona’s technology industry is growing the Arizona economy and creating exciting and high paying jobs. Our amazing industry professionals, engineers, educators, researchers, and even college students are engaged in the development of  some of the greatest advancements in science and technology.They are at the forefront in developing technological advancements that will shape the future. You will find them hard at work:
  • Preparing the next mission to Mars
  • Creating new energy sources
  • Developing new food supplies to feed the hungry
  • Inventing new fuel efficient cars
  • Engineering tiny nano technologies  used in electronics, medical devices, and even stain resistant clothing
  • Designing video games or the next generation Internet
  • Developing new technologies to protect the environment
  • Working to prevent and treat disease
  • And more

Arizona's Technology Industries
Arizona's technologies industries include:
  • Optics
  • Information Technology, Telecommunications and eLearning
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Biosciences
  • Nanotechnology
  • Environmental Technology & Alternative Energy 
  • Electronics and Semiconductors

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Optics, the science of light, is a branch of physics. Light allows us to see, but it also transmits sound, measures things, and controls electrical circuits. Optics technologies are used to design lasers and precision measuring equipment, build telescopes, create semiconductors and fiber optics communication systems, and much more.

Optics technologies are found in devices like solar panels, telecommunications equipment, laser pointers, CDs, grocery store scanners, copy machines, automobile headlights, medical equipment, aerospace components, and camera lenses.

Information Technology, Telecommunications and eLearning
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Information Technology (IT), Telecommunications, and eLearning provide innovative tools for management of information, communication and digital learning. Professionals in these fields are involved in everything from computer hardware to writing software, teleservices support, the Internet and online services, website design, e-commerce, telecommunications, computer networking, simulations, on-line education, video and web conferencing, and other related technologies and services.

Next generation computing, mobile phone design, online education, video game programming and social networking are just some of the hot developments in this exciting field.

Aerospace and Defense
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Aerospace professionals are involved in air and space travel technologies including defense and space-related manufacturing, research and development. You will find them working on everything from the design, manufacture, maintenance and rehabilitation of commercial and military aircraft, guided missile systems, aircraft engines and propulsion units, to the latest space vehicles such as rockets, moon buggies, robots, the International Space Station, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and even the design of space environments.

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Bioscience companies and researchers are working on solutions to some of our biggest challenges and to improve our quality of life. Through bioscience, for example, we are discovering innovations to help us feed the world, develop environmental products such as truly green energy sources, and to prevent and treat diseases.

The biosciences field includes research and discovery of solutions, engineering that builds solutions, information technology that gathers and analyzes data, and services that test and implement these new discoveries. Biomedical engineering applies engineering principles, problem-solving skills, and design concepts to medicine and biology.

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Nanotechnology, the “science of the small,” involves working with matter on an ultra-small scale (one nanometer is one-millionth of a millimeter, compared to a single human hair measuring around 80,000 nanometers in width). Nanoscience crosses many disciplines, especially Information Technology and Biotechnology.

Nanotechnology is being used to create many new materials and devices for applications such as medicine, electronics, biomaterials and energy production. Today you will find nanoparticles in computer hard drives and semiconductors, DNA analysis, solar power materials, robotics, biological materials including genetically engineered pharmaceuticals, sunscreen, and even stain resistant clothing.

Environmental Technology & Alternative Energy
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Environmental "green" technologies include innovative products and processes for environmental protection and cleanup, development of sustainable resources, resource recovery, pollution control, watershed management, renewable and alternative energy sources, air, water and waste management and recycling.

Environmental technology professionals also influence regulatory and environmental affairs, provide environmental consulting, and are involved in environmental law.

Electronics and Semiconductors
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The electronics and semiconductor industry is the largest technology industry in Arizona. Companies in this sector design and manufacture the memory chips, integrated circuits, microprocessors, and system on a chip (SOC) technology found in virtually every electronic device from computers and cell phones to cars and planes, TVs, iPads, Xbox systems and more.

Education and Careers
There are many technical and non technical career paths in these industries, with a wide range of educational requirements. Here are some examples:
  • Scientists
  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Assemblers
  • Sales and marketing execs
  • Web developers and graphic designers
  • Researchers
  • Executives
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Many More
Many of these careers require a course of study in science and math in K-12 and continuing education at a university, community college or technical or trade school.

Industry Support
To support the development of these industries Arizona has launched initiatives to:
  • Expand broadband Internet to unserved and underserved communities
  • Support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and the development of 21st Century skills in our schools

STEM Education—An Arizona Priority
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
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STEM education provides students the critical thinking and problem solving skills that will prepare them for science and technology careers. STEM education means innovation, high paying jobs and a vibrant Arizona economy. Many of the fastest growing occupations in the next few years will require significant skills in math and science. In Arizona there are numerous business, government, education and community initiatives to support adoption of STEM education in our schools.

What is STEM Education?
STEM education transforms the teacher-centered classroom into hands-on, innovative and imaginative learning centers where students are actively engaged in critical thinking. team work, problem-solving, discovery, and exploratory learning.

21st Century Skills
What Employers Are Saying
Employers are saying that basic skills such as reading, writing and math are no longer enough!  We need employees who also have 21st Century skills such as:
  • critical thinking and problem solving
  • verbal and written communication skills
  • responsibility and work ethic
  • ability to work collaboratively with others
  • information, communications and technology skills

Connecting Arizona Communities
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Broadband Internet service is becoming a critical component of the infrastructure for Arizona communities. Just like roads and utilities, it supports education and economic development and enables effective delivery of other essential community and government services, including, police, fire, libraries, and health care.

The State of Arizona is now providing assistance and resources for planning Broadband deployment in unserved and underserved communities.

About this page
We are  working on a special project to compliment the festival. We are developing materials to educate the public about Arizona technology industries, careers, STEM education, Arizona broadband planning initiatives, and more. This is intended as a tool to educate the Arizona community rather than for external use, and the target group is high school students and adults. While lots of people will be involved in festival activities we did not have this information to provide them at festival events. The materials will include:

  • Bookmarks
  • 8.5 x 11 and/or 12 x 18 stand up signs to be used at all SciTech associated events and exhibitors
  • A Trifold brochure
  • A web page on the festival site with links to Arizona technology industry groups and STEM education resources, and additional information about Arizona industries and technologies, careers, STEM education, Arizona broadband planning initiatives, and more
The materials will be designed for people to interact with during the festival activities, and for them to take home for further exploration. The materials, with QR Codes and web site links, will be available for distribution by presenters and exhibitors at many of the SciTech associated events. For example, the materials will include QR Codes that will link them to our portal and industry web sites such as the Arizona Optics Industry association, the Arizona Technology Council, the SCITECH festival , the Greater Arizona eLearning Association, etc. Imagine young people passing by signs with QR Codes and using their phones to link them to sites such as those just mentioned.

These materials will also support ongoing STEM education outreach initiatives provided by education institutions and community organizations providing STEM related outreach activities to students and adults in venues such as classrooms, science fairs and community events throughout Arizona.

Please note that this is not the public web site. This page is only used to facilitate communication and collaboration in development of these materials. Some, but not all of this information will also be included in the Trifold brochure.

This is a link to rough draft of the Trifold Brochure so that you can get an idea of the CONCEPT that we are developing. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONCE WE HAVE FINALIZED THE INDUSTRIES AND CONTENT THIS WILL BE TURNED OVER TO A PROFESSIONAL GRAPHIC DESIGNER, so please do not get distracted by the design. All the colors, graphics, etc will likely be changed when the designer gets a hold of this.