Welcome to the GroveSite Help Desk

Customer Service -- Toll Free 1.866.952.9880
Customer Service personnel are available from 7 am - 5 pm Pacific Time. We can assist with general usage, how to post content, training and billing questions. Please feel free to email Customer Service. 

Online 'Submit Feedback'
On the bottom left corner of every screen is a Submit Feedback link. If you think you’ve found a bug, have a question or want to request a new feature, click on this link to submit feedback. Just type in your question or problem and select 'Send to GroveSite Customer Support." We’ll try to get back to you right away, and certainly within the next business day.

Online Forms Help
All GroveSite forms used to add or edit content have help screens available. Click on any blue field name on a form to get an instant Help screen.

GroveSite Training Videos

These videos will walk you through the different stages of creating and customizing your new GroveSite workspace. Subscribe to our channel to stay updated with newly added videos.



GroveSite Usage Tips
-- All most people need! --

Print this 2-page quick reference guide for using all the general collaboration features in GroveSite. It gives you all the basics for logging in, navigating your site, adding text/links/files, adding new pages and features, and enrolling your team.

Acrobat document GroveSite-Usage-TipsGroveSite-Usage-Tips.pdf
10/21/2010 1:05 PM(53kb)

Here it is in Word; feel free to customize it for your site(s) and your teams!
Word document 1_GroveSite Usage Tips1_GroveSite Usage Tips.doc
6/29/2011 4:04 PM(72kb)