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News & Updates for the CASUAL FUSION Collection

Hi! Welcome to a GroveSite demonstration site!

This site demonstrates just one example of how importers, manufacturers and retailers can use GroveSite to streamline product development. In this example, the "DesignLoft" company's designers have developed product specifications for a new 'Casual Fusion' Collection. The designers have logged in and uploaded objectives, style guides, and specifications on different pages of this site.  Then they enrolled several vendors and invited them to make samples and bid to manufacturer the products.  If this were your own account, not a demo, you would be able to customize the pages at left and identify the types of information you would like to track on each product and sample.

Since this is a demo, (1) you are not required to login first, and (2) you do not see the easy [edit] or [update] links.

If you would like your own, interactive copy of this demo, just call GroveSite at 602-952-9880.

Picture casual fusion mood shot
Welcome to our secure online center for Spring '10 Home & Garden Furnishings

*** introducing Casual Fusion ***

This site will help us coordinate product development for the wood furniture, lighting, and basket & storage product offerings that are part of the exciting CASUAL FUSION Collection.

NDA Instructions
NDA forms due by 9/7/09 if you wish to participate
The vendor non-disclosure form must be downloaded, printed, signed and returned by fax or scan to 602-343-1472. NDA forms are due 9/7/09 if you wish to participate.

After we receive non-disclosure forms from participating vendors, we will post Objectives & Style Guides in the colored navigation area to the left of the screen and notify you. Log in to the link in the bottom of the notification letter and follow instructions on the Style Guide Pages to download your style guides & objectives.
Acrobat document DesignLoft Vendor NDA vJun10docxDesignLoft Vendor NDA vJun10docx.pdf
6/10/2010 3:03 PM(12kb)

By Sept 15, 2009, DesignLoft's team will:
  • Upload instructions and timelines for these product categories
  • Upload the Casual Fusion Objectives document
  • Upload specifications for Wood Furniture, Lighting, and Basket & Storage products

Enrolled vendor partners who have returned their NDA forms will be notified.
  • PLEASE review these updates and visit the links at the left
  • Download the Objectives document.  This provides valuable information on the CASUAL FUSION collection: the styles, mood, textures, colors, images, and fonts we are looking for.
  • Review the specifications graphics and other documentation on the pages you see under the SPECIFICATIONS header.

By Oct 15, 2009 participating vendors must upload photos of the sample products you are proposing to DesignLoft - using secure pages viewable only by each vendor.
  • In the left-hand navigation, each vendor will find a page viewable only by their company and by DesignLoft's team.
  • On that page, upload your sample photos and other requested information. Just click the [Add a Sample/Quote] link for each product/sample.
  • You will notice that when you click SAVE, an email notification is sent to DesignLoft's staff notifying them of your entry.

Monitor your uploaded information and secure pages for updates and requests from DesignLoft
  • You can login to review your Sample/Quote pages each day if you like.
  • If DesignLoft enters information, such as in requesting a modification to a sample, you will receive an email notification.  Just click on the link in the email notification to access the appropriate page and product.
  • You can also monitor new activity or updates to your pages throught your Daily Email Digest, AND by clicking 'My Dashboard'

The DesignLoft staff will request full quotation information for those products being considered for the assortment.
  • You can add additional information, such as for the quotation, by editing a product row.  To edit a single product, click the [edit] link to the left of the row.
  • If you would like to updated multiple product rows at one time, use the [Quick Edit] link.  Don't forget to click SAVE at the bottom of the screen.

We expect to finalize the assortment of products by December 20, 2009. Thank you for your participation.